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Company Questions

At Peak Power Pressure Washing, our team will always RISE to the occasion and take PRIDE in our work.


Results you won’t believe                       Professionalism in all aspects

Integrity you can count on                      Resilience in doing the dirty work

Service beyond expectation                   Initiative in our teamwork

Empathy in all situations                        Diligence in exceeding expectations

                                                                     Ethical Accountability above all else


We strive to combine these values in our pursuit to provide superior service, quality, and satisfaction to our customers!

We service Upstate New York, more specifically The Capital Region.  This includes Albany County, Rensselaer County, Saratoga County, and Schenectady County.  Nearby areas may be serviced on a per job basis.

Yes, absolutely!  We have commercial auto coverage, general liability coverage, and worker’s compensation coverage for any employees.

Of course!  We’re extremely proud of our hundreds of reviews across multiple online platforms.

You can get a quote on the phone, online, or in person.  You can reach out to us via call, text, or email, whatever works for you.  If you prefer to meet with a representative in person to discuss your project, we’re happy to do so! (518) 626-1206 or

Pricing Questions

Yes we do.  Our minimum charge for a visit from our crew is $250 plus NYS Sales Tax.  Don’t hesitate to contact us if your job is small – we’re always looking for ways to add value while we’re onsite!

Absolutely!  We offer a number of standard service bundles, and we’re happy to put together a custom service bundle that fits your specific needs.

Of course!  If you and a neighbor both schedule service, you’ll both receive 5% off your final invoice.

We don’t require deposits for most residential work, however payment is due upon job completion via cash, check, or credit card.  All payments are subject to NYS Sales Tax. Stain & Seal jobs require a 20% deposit before scheduling, 40% due after first service appointment, and remaining 40% due after final service appointment.

Service Questions

It is not necessary that you are home at the time of service, however most clients like to be home at the start of the project to meet the crew.  If you won’t be home, please make sure that all windows are closed and pets can’t get out during the cleaning process.

Please unlock any slider window screens and remove any full window screens if able.  Please close all windows and doors and ensure all pets remain inside throughout the entire cleaning process.  Please remove any personal items from areas around the home such as entries, patios, and porches.

Soft washing uses low pressure to apply a cleaning solution and rinse the exterior of the home, removing dirt, grime, and organic material without the need for high pressure spray that can lead to potential damages.

Our cleaning solution is typically diluted to concentrations less than 1% chemical for house washing, and is safe for plants and animals.  Our trained technicians apply the solution carefully and methodically using professional grade equipment, and we also have a dedicated plant and property protection strategy that’s carried out on every job we complete for added peace of mind.

Our Simple Three Step Process

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Communicate with us via call, text, email, or in-person - whatever your preference. We’re happy to discover your unique needs and provide the best solution for you.

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Once you’ve approved the scope of work, we’ll pencil in a service appointment that works for you. No deposits necessary for standard cleaning services.

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Time for you to relax while our team handles the dirty work and makes your property shine. Your only job now is to enjoy your property like only you know how.

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